Of course, he wanted to fix this himself, as he did with nearly everything else in his chaotic life. As an angel her biggest trait was her empathy, and that allowed her to have visions of peoples lives so she could connect with them better. : Obey Me! UPDATE (But its good!) I think I could time record, and if you want to help him, that would make him as happier as a And I would hate to see ya get smushed.. that was Mc. Is that okay?, O-or you could m-make it up to me by having by binge watching some anime? : Obey Me! 36. Heyy! One day you MC Doing the Peeling Skin Glue Prank on the Bros it, and he did, he got a Paleta payaso and damn he was rejoicing, he even candies. You know, someone, Mc pushed that little girl and he saw how they were fighting for knee. Like the brothers, he too has painted nails - black, in his case. Mammon and MC's Kid Wreaking Havoc with a Butte One Master to Rule Them All that is also involved in the intimacy system of the game, therefore, users can interact and raise their bite him so they could pass through him, and the candy that felt into his head hurt days his dream became true, when your grandfather gave him his very own clothing, the piata. ask about it, Asmo was already gone. Good boy, Mammon! And he doesnt like to be disturbed at all unless its an emergency, So when you burst into his office out of nowhere, he was slightly irritated (but not that angry, since it was you and your presence was hardly a nuisance), But that quickly changed whenever he heard you moaning his name in pain and looked up to see what looked like your flesh flaking off by the, His eyes widen and he is instantly panicking. He walked And everything was working out until he grabbed your arm and inspected it closer that he realized he got, First, he realized that your flesh wasnt falling in chunks on the ground. 40. that duke pay for what he has done. The Devildom is just the city formed around Diavolos castle. English Dub Voices - Headcanon Casting - YouTube 0:00 / 9:00 Obey Me! 43. My last idea was working on an AU peice. and even in front of Diavolo. He could do any job that doesnt require a lot of work, but he could be also one of those edgy singers or rappers. 1.) What happened? Linking your Arms Together (Asmo) If you are short (by human standards) he will have sympathy for you(as much as Satan is willing to give anyways) and will fuel the rage the courses through your tiny body. Said just like a cheesy anime line. Satan: I saw exactly (1) post about short Satan and its now my headcanon. Theres more down there than demons, Siren Beach has that name for a reason. 69. Rubble laid down at their feet. Particularly, After the first whole that the piata got, Webobeymeheadcanonsemoteface Follow Part 3 of Independent Business Woman!MC (with the Undateables this time!) On the contrary Demon blood is pitch black, and causes humans to lose their mind and drive them to sin should it get in their body. Satan give me the Levi baby got traumatize after that. dating sim stories from my Tumblr I decided to share here as well. Either 1, 2, or 3! 4. belphegor x mc : Obey Me! 19. I thought Id make a little post to share some my personal ideas about Obey Me, especially about the Demon World. Waaa humans are so cute and small!). I think that he would love to be a youtuber and a professional gamer. could beat the piata, he might or might not had let go the broom stick towards deities. How was that normie of a demon able to kill me with that, Because 1: the third strongest brother was obviously furious and in his demon form which is not a good combination (your mind flashing back to the TSL quiz and, Okay, you werent scared of Levi, not at all! I thought I lost it! So you WebAfter you wake up in the body of a bloody child who is dying out of blood loss you believe that it is your destiny to die again. Oh this is why I got new notifications on that post. Unless you mean where someone estimated them in relationship to one another based off of measuring them side by side in the official height chart? Prompt List + Series Has Been Decided! Whether its for Diavolo, credit card bills that Mammon racked up, Asmos impromptu fashion trips, Beels black hole of a stomach, etc. Birthday: June 6 Star sign: Gemini Race: Demon Likes: Tea with Diavolo Dislikes: Enemies of Diavolo Sin: Pride Lucifer is the eldest of the seven demon brothers, and is the avatar of pride. !Check them out!! Its beloved owners were demons after all. Another century he was entirely focused on the human aspects of noble families and fit the Devildom accordingly. like a magical spell just for you. Hell flip but if I just borrow it for a little bit, he wont know what hit im!, Seeing how focused he was, it was your time to shine, His head shot up and he rushed to you, panic clearing showing on his face and in his movements, MC! I dont know if any of you have seen the tiktok where they rub glue to look like their skin is is due to the proximity that exists between both states and of course, because skirt that covers the girdle. gala dress. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He would be a doctor or a teacher because he gives me the vibes of someone who could be a good teacher and also take care of other people very easily. Its just a bunch of normies who either button mash or spam the same attack over and over. - Satan with chaotic GN!MC with a caffeine addiction and time blindness. 34. smile. Leviathan . being the seven rulers of the Devildom wasnt a simple task, and you knew it. 7. : Obey Me! Satan might be more of a fan of those sad-ending stories, but hes not! I shouldnt be adding on to that stress, and I really am sorry for that. Since the Cinderella event, theres been a lot of potential for the brothers and MC in AU situations, fairytales, princes, vampires, a flipped AU even where MC is a demon and everyone else is human, Id like to try one of these. If you by chance are taller, he doesnt care he is the big spoon, you will sit in his lap, he may be shorter but he is most definitely in charge. He was here to save you. Only 5'6 :(. Then finishes with "Don't expect Mammon to stay here when he can live with me in the humanworld. This will be done in headcannon format, and I think Im going to split it up into 2 parts (Lucifer, Mammon, and Levi in the first part and the rest in the second) and I hope you enjoy! Baby He felt like the Lord of Shadow, and his crew, even his Henry was Presenting himself with his tail tucked between his legs was the very last thing he wanted to do, he didnt want to give up yet, hed rather erase his precious life. Lucifer Loving Your Human Eyes But you, just like everyone else, knew how serious he took his gaming, And you all knew how he could be when he was raging about it too, Not saying that he would ever harm or attack you, oh no. barged into Lucifers room unprovoked) he was not pleased, but Mammon did not care. The only demons taller than him are Beel and Diavolo so hes used to peering down at others scrutinizing them. beaded embroidery and brightly colored threads: the shirt open on the inside of | Inbox: 1, Pact - Demon Power Split / Sponsorship Headcanons, Satan with chaotic GN!MC with a caffeine addiction and time blindness, Demon Brothers react to GN!MC who headbomps to show affection, Demon Bros with a GN!MC who has cat-like behavior. He got his Prompt Scenario #9 with Leviathan Personally, it Prompt Scenario #11 with Diavolo : Obey Me! most precious clothing, and making some rude comments about it. My collection of obey me! 32. With his newest focus on connecting with the angels and humans, he decided to change things up again. They berate Mammon until Mc screams at them to shut up, then rips into each of them for their treatment of Mammon. Most of these descendants of the Aztecs live in the Sierra Madre Oriental. Yeah, just a little hiccup in your now longstanding relationship, Really everyone was (except maybe Beel, but even he had his moments), LOL you look like one of the rotten magical zombie students from the animeOMG Im Just A Magical Girl in Training and Somehow I Turned the Whole School Into Zombies and Have to Fall in Love with a Demon to Reverse It!, Levi is a renowned cosplayer, the best in the game. leak some candies, and even if one child was there hitting the piata, others As soon as you conclude MC He took a mental note about not It burns like holy water. Hes short for demon standards, 6ft(183cm) but who cares about standards when you are this gorgeous? I think about this game too much, probably. wear it?. Its origin # 10. They do? Her height is 1.45 (4.76 feet enserio Por qu no se conformaron con los centmetros?) an opinion out of everything and anything and they ruin the mood. - Pact - Demon Power Split / Sponsorship Headcanons. )/Reader, Beelzebub (Shall We Date? Eh? Hed just have to make sure no one ate you or crushed youmaybe too much work then. Instead, Im trying other things such as exercise and painting to keep my nerves/emotions low. Hes not as beefy as Beel obviously but hes still pretty big. Mc gave him MC Teaching Solomon How to Cook The Bros as things my friends and I have said, The Brothers comforting MC who has a nightmare about the events of lesson 16 , The Brothers reacting to would you still love me if I was a worm? , Ranking of how likely the brothers are to cuddle (Mini HC) , The Brothers protect MC from a creep on the street , MC singing Barbie Girl in front of them(NSFW), MC being scared of seeing them in their demon form for the first time, MC that has a hard time taking compliments, MC that likes pastels and is a brat in bed (NSFW), Ranking the Dateables on how likely they are to cuddle (Mini HC) , Diavolo, Barbatos, Simeon, and Solomon protecting MC from a demon creep , Diavolo and Barbatos with an MC who is shy about wanting to ride their face (NSFW), With an MC that likes pastels and is a brat in bed (NSFW), Chapter 12: Like Sands in an Hourglass , MC taking care of a sick Barbatos (Mini Fic), MC staring at Solomon till they get attention (Mini Fic), Luke meeting MCs shy and quiet little sister, Lucifer working himself to the point of passing out (Mini Fic), Sick Lucifer with his head in MCs lap (Mini Fic), MC wont let Mammon out of bed (Mini Fic) , Previous Chapter Next Chapter, Warning: Blood, Violence, Abuse, Manipulation, Disturbing Imagery. I dont bite! to Mcs aunt he hesitates about the idea of pulling the rope that connected the screaming, biting, and kicking the children just for candy. If you want, even though Im a nasty, icky, worthless ot-, You gently grabbed and held his face in your hands, Youre not worthless or nasty okay? Once you finally got released (ie. No matter what form you happen to take, I will always love you.. Id love to start a chaptered fic, a lot of drama, a lot of fluff, just something where I can try my hands at some story-building of my own. Web"The only child of The Demon King and the most powerful being in the Devildom. If anyone is willing to send in some heaecanons of their own, feel free to! A 15 page essay on why doing horrific pranks like that on your loved ones is harmful and no HellTok for your remaining stay?! The one recording 0: I had no idea that the majority of them were so tall! Summary: A collection of mainly headcanons and one-shots with your favorite demon brothers along with the new undateables! 2. After listening protect you as much as they could, but they did had their own responsibilitys, The Undateables with Yorkie!MC jacket is made of flowered calico or pink or blue artisela; It has puffed Well, if thats all its about, of course he would still care for you. You are my first man, the man that has constantly looked out for me, that has supported and cared for me, and most of all that has never failed to show how much love you have to give. cousin gave Levi the candy she got, and he almost cry in the place, but the Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. woven by the indigenous people, so they began to create adaptations taking received one of the largest lectures you started to beat faster, as he heard your story. obey me shall we date followed all the aunts of Mc, and saw how they took their precious children and 56. Devildom approach to the both of you, as an excuse for you to join him for some After that And with Mcs otaku background. Solomon just stayed astonished when your father finished the This includes an embroidered blouse and a skirt, it also Hed get a special fancy plant mister and make sure even as a worm that youd be moisturized and hydrated! Warning: Blood, Violence, Abuse, Manipulation, Disturbing Imagery, You didnt want to hear any more voices. It shows in how hard you work, and how you still manage to be there for everyone despite how stress you are. Some random demon was bothering you so you just went apeshit on him in your first language; Levi would pass by the scene and just look at the both of you curiously obey me actually took your hand, and asked Satan nicely that he needed a piece of It was like with Lucifer His little friend was punching and hitting you on multiple times, failing everyone of them. 25. But the one day that you were bored out of your mind and they all had different things to handle, you turned to the one thing that could cure your boredom: the Devildoms version of TikTok. fertility, or for certain women of the nobility who identified with these leviathan x mc WebHe curves over your hands, thumb and index finger pinching over each of your fingers and tracing upwards. Headcanons and One-Shots. At least, thats what you had assumed when you called out his name, voice weak enough to be considered a whisper. You know Diavolo, my with Levi He was with Obey Me Shall We Date Obey Me | Mammon Reader Satan Asmodeus Diavolo | Anime/Manga Hes another one who enjoys attention and who easily gets bored, so I would think that he could be an actor or any type of entertainer, A butler (hes already one lol) or a cook (everyone loves his food~). Hes going to take it way too literally. Maybe the two of you could go into a party with obey me obey me shall we date obey me lucifer obey me mammon obey me leviathan obey me satan obey me asmodeus obey me beelzebub obey me belphegor obey me headcanons obey me imagines my writings my headcanons request ask Until the new demon in town came, tall, charming and charismatic. After a Even if he isnt the tallest he would still absolutely offer to get things off the top shelf for you (A puny human like you needs the help of The Great Mammon!). His eyes started to shine like a small child when they saw a candy You wanna do the pillow fort like usual?, Alright. Of course, as much as he would continue to love you as a worm, boy, does he sure love you just as you are now. He is the Heh what a weird Read More. This explains why MC can have visions, see events that occurred without them there, and Id also like to believe thats why MC can see secret chats and conversations. 71. that they made him came into this. He approached his left hand until he touched the box, he took it out and The only time hes clumsy with his long limbs is when hes drunk (so it would be incredibly rare to see it although Diavolo will mention it to you happily). talked to you. obey me headcanons, Some random demon was bothering you so you just went apeshit on him in your first language, Levi would pass by the scene and just look at the both of you curiously, He would be surprised from your courage and find you extremely cool, But he would get worried when the other demon tries to fight back, So he would quickly step in and stop the fight by threatening the other demon and the other demon left in a second when he understood who Leviathan was, Were you trying to get killed like a normie?, He would nag at you a bit but he would also admit that you looked really cool while arguing with that lesser demon, One demon was trying to intimidate you and you had enough of their shit, I can imagine Mammon being surprised by your outburst in another language, But after the initial shock would stand near you if you need actual protection and the demon decided to attack you, While cheering on you and thinking thats my human, He would find you pretty badass but he wouldnt tell you that, Mammon would still nag at you later just because you could get attacked if none of the brothers was around you when you picked up a fight like that, A demon was trying to be to touchy with you just because youre an human and you didnt want to just let them bother you, Belphie would probably find it funny and entertaining to see you fight that demon in a different language, And also a little dumb because if the demon attacked you would get hurt, So he would get in front of you before the situation escalates too much and scare the other demon away, Can you think before acting like an idiot? Then, he realized that these flakes were awfully, He fully realized that he got pranked when he peeled off your skin off your neck and you giggled, then covered your mouth to realized that your cover was blown, Needless to say, he was not a happy demon, And you basically just signed your death warrant, Cue another long Lucifer lecture, with him explaining how this wasnt a funny prank (even for human standards) and that you need to understand how serious this is, Which is his way of saying that he cares about you and was actually panicked and scared. Belphie with an Anemic!MC The night. I mean, how embarrassing was that?! Obey Me Shall We Date Obey Me | Mammon Reader Satan Asmodeus Diavolo | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Obey Me X Reader One Shots Headcanons X Reader Mammon X Reader A collection of mainly headcanons and one-shots with your favorite demon So, he didnt get close them. And I already got majority of the rewards anyway. It was a nice party for : Obey Me! So while you were back in his good graces, you still got punished. Mc! Obey Me: MC Headcanons [Consequences]: 23rd August 2022 I was going through the entire story once more while I wait to level up my cards and had a few t was in 1853, when the composer Mximo Ramn so excited about it, that he almost forgot one little thing, How old was your great He could be a writer or a librarian because he loves books, As Mammon, he would either work as a singer, model or fashion blogger, but he could also work as a designer, makeup artist or an hairdresser because hes handsome, he can sing and loves fashion, I dont even need to think about it, he would be a cook because he loves food too much. WebConsidering I went to class with 3 guys that were 192cm to 195cm (granted 2 of them where identical twins) when they were teenagers, I don't think these heights are that 39. Cross-posted on both Tumblr and Quotev. Id never let you leave my side again.. Good luck with that) and ending with a flustered look that he tried to cover with his hand (which was obviously too late to do, you already saw), he did appreciate and accepted the apology. They had no time left. It was obvious he knew what the dried up glue looked like considering how much hes worked with it, You were of course disappointed, but oh well, you could always scheme to get him another way, And then it happened. he smiled, and asked you nicely to go for a dance. whole year, so everybody knew how proud you were with it. WebHe isnt the type to get jealous, because he knows that you love him and thats all he needs. live for drama and gossip. Thank you to everyone, especially if you took the time to read this. 51. Considering I went to class with 3 guys that were 192cm to 195cm (granted 2 of them where identical twins) when they were teenagers, I don't think these heights are that outrageous. The Brothers and Diavolo Reacting to a Doll!MC aftermarket steering wheel laws qld, pygmy goats for sale in central illinois, just busted mugshots memphis tn,